Presentation Guidelines

Slide decks are due at 3:30PM to Presentations will begin in the 8th floor main room at 4:00PM.

Presentations will be 3 MINUTES and will be promptly cut off with a timer. Please rehearse so you can fit in this time, especially if you have a demo!

We are excited to be offering FIVE $1000 prizes for these categories:

  • Global Health
  • Overall Impact
  • Best Pitch
  • Most Improved
  • 1st Prize

Presentation Guidelines


  • What is the problem?
  • What solutions exist?
  • How is yours better?

Technical Details

  • What are the specifications?
  • Software – demo / Wetlab – details
  • What did you accomplish this weekend?

Next Steps

  • What will it take to reach a full demo?
  • Where do you see this going?

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