May 12 – 14, 2017

MIT Campus

5/12: E51, 70 Memorial Drive

5/13 – 5/14: E14 (MIT Media Lab) 6th Floor, 75 Amherst St

@mithackmed #GrandHack

Are you interested in healthcare innovation?

Then this is the event for you!

Join MIT Hacking Medicine for one of the largest health hackathons in the world! This is the weekend to brainstorm and build innovative solutions with hundreds of like-minded engineers, clinicians, designers, developers and business people. Within our three hackathon tracks, there is sure to be a healthcare challenge for everyone!


Invisible Conditions Track

Create solutions to minimize the stigma and challenges that surround patients living with their illness. This track will discover innovative approaches aimed to improve a patient’s ability to maintain a high level of independence by improving patient quality of life and patient outcomes.

SMART Robotics and Intelligent Technologies

Social robotics and intelligent technologies are revolutionizing the healthcare sector. Enhanced connectivity between stakeholders, cloud and predictive analytics, image/voice recognition, are just a few examples of the huge potential to transform the healthcare industry.
This Track was first featured in Singapore by SMART in a hackathon featuring the Segway Robotics Loomo robot, focused on eldercare problems. Now this track challenges Boston teams to develop potential use cases and prototypes for smart robotics and intelligent technology solutions in healthcare.  Although not a requirement teams have the unique opportunity to choose to use Segway Loomo robots with full SDK.

Patient Care Continuum Track

Design ​effective solutions to ​empower seriously or chronically ill patients, increase access to ​higher quality care, and leverage new health information/tools. These solutions should aim to facilitate active connections between health care providers, caregivers, and patients, so that patients feel in control of their condition and the continuity of care is strengthened.

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Many thanks to AbelsonTaylor for capturing what makes Grand Hack so special - check out our 2017 highlights!
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Recap of the MIT HackMed Grand Hack 2017.
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That's a wrap on Grand Hack 2017! Huge thanks to all our incredible hackers, mentors, and sponsors, for your passion, motivation, and tireless energy this weekend. We bore witness to the creation of inspiring pitches, facilitated and made new connections, and came away with yet another unforgettable experience.

To our hackers- stay tuned for post-Grand Hack news and progress prizes, and sign up for our newsletter for upcoming events and opportunities (we promise we don't spam).

Happy Mother's Day from MIT Hacking Medicine!
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Only a few days left to apply to #GrandHack 2017! Check out this clip about our SMART Robotics and Intelligent Technologies Track, sponsored by the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology:

Learn more and apply by May 8th, 11:59 pm at:
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Grand Hack 2017 - SMART Robotics and Intelligent Technologies Track by SMART
Grand Hack 2017 (May 12-14, Cambridge, MA): . SMART Robotics and Intelligent Technologies, brought to you by SMART (...
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Did you know: Medication non-Adherence is estimated to cost the US about $290B per year and result in about ~125K deaths, which poses a huge public health issue. In addition, quality healthcare outcomes depend upon patients sticking to recommended treatment regimens (also referred to as adherence to treatment). In some serious illnesses, more than 40% of patients may inadvertently pose risk to themselves by misunderstanding, forgetting, or sometimes even ignoring healthcare advice. How can we help patients be more adherent to their treatment plan?

Come solve complex challenges like this one in the Patient Care Continuum track, sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, at #GrandHack 2017!

Representing J&J as keynote speaker and judge for the Patient Care Continuum Track are:

ROBERT G. URBAN - Keynote Speaker
Robert is Global Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation and leads Johnson & Johnson’s Boston Innovation Center. Johnson & Johnson Innovation Centers are home to investment teams that work closely with entrepreneurs to advance products and technology up to proof-of- concept across the pharmaceuticals, medical device diagnostic and consumer sectors. Their investments focus on people and programs that have the potential to not just advance healthcare, but to transform it.

Kuldeep Neote, Ph.D., is Senior Director at J&J Innovation Center-Boston, and is responsible for New Venture and Scouting opportunities in the areas of Oncology and Immunology in the East Coast.

Apply by May 8th, 11:59 pm:

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