Order for Team Presentations

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Rare Disease
1. Givingcures.com
2. Facial Metrics
3. Rare Collaboration
4. Team Face Diagnostics
5. Eyely
6. Stride

Global Health Track
1. Data Wings for Firefly
2. Shanti
3. Shocking a way to Life
4. Eyeducation
5. Breathe Easy
6. Pascal
7. Naksha
8. P2 – Pill Counter
9. Breathe Easy
10. Sahara
11. AfriWorhty


Hospital CIO
1. Global HER
2. Decision Sense
4. Informed
5. Truevis
6. Carematch
7. Dyml.io
8. Vidrio

1. Daily LifePlan
2. MyCare Track
3. Pervision
4. Patient DS
5. Lap Motion
6. Gogi
7. Naksha
8. PR. Online
9. MedSnap

1. Team Customized/Gradual Behavioral Change
2. MedApp Review
3. SweetPee
4. Pepper Analytics
5. Dialytics
6. LyteRx

Jugaadathon – India’s first open healthcare hackathon

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In partnership with CAMTech and Glocal Healthcare Systems, Hacking Medicine goes to India

KOLKATA: JAN 24-26, 2014

Jugaadathon is India’s first open healthcare hackathon.

It will involve professionals and students from diverse backgrounds – coders, hobbyists, designers, health experts, clinicians and technology entrepreneurs – from across India and also from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital.

Website: http://www.jugaadathon.com/

Twitter: @Jugaadathon


Please do follow the twitter handle and facebook page for live feed.

Hot off the presses! Announcing the Boston Blue Button Innovation Challenge!

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MIT H@cking Medicine is PSYCHED to announce our collaboration with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, Tufts MedStart, and the White House Innovation Fellows surrounding the first Boston Blue Button Innovation Challenge! The event is taking place  Friday, January 17th to Sunday, January 19th at Tufts Medical School, which is located in the Sackler Building at 145 Harrison Ave in Boston.. Also we will hold a Blue Button developer workshop on MIT’s campus in Building E-62 on Friday afternoon prior to the event.

Blue Button is an international movement to engage patients in their health through access to their health data in both human and machine-readable formats. This fall, all providers using MU2 certified technology will be able to support patients viewing, downloading, and transmitting their clinical data to a consumer endpoint, like a personal health record, or provider through Blue Button + Direct.

This codeathon is an opportunity for providers, patients, and the developers of consumer facing technology to come together to learn about Blue Button, identify high priority use cases, and build exciting new products that are ready to receive Blue Button data. We hope this event will foster collaborations that exist long after the codeathon ends. The ONC recently sponsored a successful codeathon on device data and health financial data in San Francisco, and we are excited to work with a new community in Boston!

The event will focus on use cases that take advantage of patient clinical data liberated through Blue Button + Direct, a technology available in all Meaningful Use certified technology starting winter 2014. The event will open with patients and providers sharing their highest priority Blue Button use cases which will guide development over the weekend and judging criteria. Example ideas may include but are not limited to:

  • Co-designed applications that can improve communication between the health care provider and the patient. (ie. care plans and notes that both the patient and physician can contribute to)
  • Simplifying medical jargon, content, and diagnoses for patients. (ie. consumer friendly definitions of clinical terms)
  • Clinical health information visualizations. (ie. interactive lab results)
  • Population trend analysis. (ie. seasonal, location specific tracking of symptoms at an aggregate level)
  • Patient record matching to clinical trials.

Check out more information on the event’s website. Apply here!


Critical Care Data Marathon

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MIT H@cking Medicine is teaming up with the Critical Care team from MIT IMES and BIDMC to host the the Critical Data Marathon,  which will take place on January 3rd – 5th 2014 at MIT. The event will bring together together various disciplines – computer science, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, biostatistics, epidemiology, informatics, business, health policy, and the social sciences – from both academia and industry, with the goal of learning from routinely collected clinical data, as outlined in a recent discussion paper from the Institute of Medicine.

The event will make use of the MIMIC-II database. It is possible to attend to the event remotely, whether as an individual or in a group. Individual participants can view the conference live and interact through twitter. However, we strongly encourage remote participants to host a local version of the event. We will be connecting groups with bi-directional video to the event, allowing for live interaction. In addition to this, local groups will be given remote access to the MIMIC-II database in order to participate in the hands-on workshop on clinical data. Please register remote participation.

Please review the proposed list of the clinical questions that will be answered during the Critical Data Marathon.

You can register for the event through the following link found here.

Date: 3-5th January 2014
Venue: 4th Floor, Stata Center, MIT
32 Vassar Street, Cambridge, MA 02139
Deadlines: Registration – 30 November 2013
Study Submission – 31 December 2013

Hacking Pediatrics – Winners and List of Presentations

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And the Winners of Hacking Pediatrics are:

  • 1st place & Fan Favorite – RightByte*
  • 2nd place – Emo Band*
  • 3rd place – VP Shunt*
  • Best Hardware Solution – TheComfyBall**
  • Best Design – Tinkerbell**
  • Best App/Software solution- CueMe**

*Cash prizes of $3000, $2000, and $1000 were awarded, respectively. **Opportunity to pursue their Project with BOLT accelerator or HealthBox.  All above teams have opportunities to work with Boston Children’s Hospital Leadership in implementing their solutions!!

Additional teams with amazing innovative presentations/apps/solutions:

More details about our amazing hack teams will be posted so stay tuned!

Hack Primary Care: Speed Matching Event 10/23 at Harvard Med

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Hacking Medicine community:banner_events_s1


Students are invited to join the revolutionary movement to solve our national health care crisis by exploring innovative projects in primary care. On Wednesday, October 23, 2013 at 6 PM, the Center for Primary Care will be hosting a speed matching event for students (including but not limited to medical, nursing, pharmacy, public health, policy, social work, undergraduate, and business students) interested in learning more about opportunities and projects.

Mentors from the Innovation Fellows Program and Academic Innovations Collaborative will be present for students to meet and discuss project opportunities. The Center provides funding for students to participate in term-time and summer projects. Please attend to learn more!

Food will be provided.