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H@ckingMedicine @ MIT

Mission Statement:

Create an ecosystem at MIT, hosting the Boston medical community and beyond to teach entrepreneurs and clinicians the skills necessary to launch disruptive healthcare businesses.  Hacking healthcare since 2011!

The Need for Hackers in Healthcare:

Scaling Medicine:  Traditional medicine and physicians cannot scale to deliver high-quality healthcare, in the US and around the world.  New technologies and models of care are key enablers to drive better health outcomes at lower cost.  The proof will be in the data, but traditional research and clinical testing yield painfully slow results.

Accelerating Data: Part of the solution is to accelerate the pace and sources of Medical Evidence either to prove or disprove whether new technologies, medicines, processes or incentives are actually superior. Traditionally, this has focused on — traditionally pre-clinical and human experimental data funded by grants and big pharma.  Today, researchers, FDA & industry realize that capturing new types of data can yield faster insights and patient impact.

Identifying & Tackling Big Opportunities: Even to solve small healthcare challenges, it takes the enormous energy and drive.  Our efforts will methods for quantifying and prioritizing opportunities so that teams can focus on the biggest opportunities to benefit patients.

Hacking Ethos for Lean Medical Innovation: Healthcare needs Hackers — clever engineers and entrepreneurs to re-architect healthcare systems and create new products and services to impact cost and quality.  Some areas of healthcare are not hackable and must prove efficacy down a traditional plodding path. However, health professionals and engineers can accelerate medical innovation across many diseases and institutions by applying techniques from high technology to healthcare.  Borrowing philosophies from Silicon Valley and MIT for rapid product design, lean startup methodologies, workflow re-engineering, novel data collection, big data analysis, and info publishing can have powerful effects in healthcare.

Infecting Non-Life-Scientists with the Mission: Numerous successful startups and clinical insights have demonstrated that creative people from outside traditional life science backgrounds are able to create transformative innovation in healthcare.  We aim to create a community that embraces students, entrepreneurs and life scientists in the shared mission.

Further Background:

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